Work Conditions in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, employment relations are overseen by statutory legislation or by collective agreements. The law in Uzbekistan takes into account the concerns and interests of workers, employers, and the state. It ensures that the labor market is kept functioning, working conditions are just and safe, and the rights of workers are protected at all costs. All these factors come together to ensure productivity, ensure quality work, and help raise the standard of living.

In Uzbekistan, all employees must know their rights. No restrictions or benefits are allowed in the field of employment based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, political preference, or any other factor that is not linked to the business. The only thing that should be looked at when employing a worker is is his qualification for the job. Work laws in Uzbekistan do not allow discrimination of women, minors, or those who are differently-abled. In fact, these groups are allowed extra social protection. Anyone who faces workplace discrimination is allowed to take the issue to the courts and expect compensation for any material or moral harm that he may have experienced.

Forced Labor
Forced labor involves an employer forcing an employee to work under threat of punishment or other repercussion. However, certain kinds of work are not considered forced labor, such as those allowing a feeling of accomplishment, including:

  • Legal acts for military or alternative service
  • Helping the state in case of an emergency
  • Other cases that are made compulsory for the law

Rights of the employer
The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan states that each and every person has the right to work. They are free to choose the kind of work they want to do, and they have the right to fair working conditions. The law believes that everyone should be protected against unemployment.

The following are the rights that each worker is entitled to:

  • The right to remuneration is based on employer size laid down by the legislation
  • Working conditions that do not put the employer at risk in terms of safety or hygiene
  • Professional training to help with his work experience
  • Labor unions and any other organizations that help voice the concern of workers and labor groups
  • Social security and remuneration for old age, loss of a spouse, or injury or disability
  • Protection from the state and the right to seek legal advice

Minimum Wage
In Uzbekistan, the minimum wage is UZS 62,920 a month. Moreover, employers are responsible for social security contributions. Their contribution must be up to at least 25 percent of the worker’s salary, broken down as follows:

  • 24.2 % for Pension Fund
  • 0.5% for Unemployment Fund
  • 0.3% for the Trade Union Committee

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