The Positive Effects of Employment Shift Time Policies on Workers in Sweden

Sweden’s employment policy is one of the best ones in Europe. Despite the country’s rigid stance on some clauses, including no payments for overtime (if not agreed in the contract) and no statutory right for flexible working, Sweden cares for its workers by regulating some employee-friendly policies. We have covered the details below to understand better how employment shift timing policies benefit local workers.

Employment Shift Timings in Sweden: The Positive Effects

Sweden’s labor law states that workers cannot work more than 40 hours a week. Moreover, overtime cannot exceed 50 hours per calendar month. Another essential clause to mention is the rest break policy. Employees cannot work over five hours without taking a rest break of at least half an hour. These policies have some positive effects on Swedish employees. Let’s have a look at them.

More Time for Family

Working for long consecutive hours throughout the week hinders work-life balance. Employees face such problems all over the globe. While valid, Sweden’s employment policy makes it easier for workers to spend more time with their loved ones after work. The restriction of working no more than 40 hours a week supports work-life balance in an ideal way. More importantly, employees stay energized from working in a company that cares for them.

Health Protection

Consecutive working hours can be stressful for many employees. They get easily agitated and fail to perform how they should. However, the rest break policy in Sweden restricts workers from working over five hours without a break. It allows employees to take their minds off work and think clearly. A thirty-minute rest break gives them time to have a cup of coffee or tea or have something to eat before they continue working.

More Time for Personal Development

When employees spend most of their day working, they lose the energy to focus on personal grooming and development. Personal development is crucial to competitive success and a successful career. Employees need more time to enhance their skills and work on their goals. Employees can accomplish this goal effectively thanks to the Swedish shift time policies. Moreover, they can support their families in pursuing their dreams.

Proactive Living

When workers enjoy a work-life balance, they have more time to focus on their well-being. Employee-friendly working policies can help them adopt a proactive lifestyle that motivates them to establish and accomplish goals. This perk does not only apply to workers but also supports their family members’ well-being. Additionally, families can rely on employees for time management at home and at work.

The Takeaway

Sweden’s employment policy is comprehensive for workers to plan, organize, and accomplish their career goals. The shift timing policies can help employees bring their best to work every day and meet their employer’s expectations. While Sweden is not the only European country with such perks, it is often looked upon for inspiration by many around the globe. If you want to stay updated with the latest developments in international employment laws, visit Global People Strategist and schedule a demo to see how we can support your business.


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