Terminating Employment in Brazil

Terminating someone is never pleasant, yet the process can be particularly complex in Brazil. Figuring out how to officially terminate an employment contract in Brazil requires understanding the country’s complex labor laws and regulations – after all, nobody wants to stay on the wrong side of an inconvenient legal battle. Despite its unusual intricacies, navigating […]

Termination Law in the United States

When an employee is terminated, it can be a difficult and confusing time for them. There are many things to consider, such as the employee’s rights and the termination process itself.

The Labor Law of Thailand

The relationship between an employer and employees is covered under the Thai Labor Protection Act (LPA). The Thailand law comprises commercial and civil codes related to the rights and obligations of employees and employers.

Government Regulated Termination in India

No one enjoys getting fired, but what if your country made it difficult for you to get fired without just cause? In this country, companies with more than 100 employees can’t fire an employee without government permission!

You’re Fired!

While that may have been an effective catchphrase of a certain reality show celebrity, the lack of at-will employment laws outside the U.S. makes it significantly more complicated to process involuntary terminations in other countries.