What in the World? Norway

In this country, parents receive generous paid parental leave! The parental leave benefit can be shared between both the mother and father and lasts 49 weeks paid at 100% wages with 15 weeks reserved for each parent or 59 weeks at 80% wages which is 6 times the national insurance basic amount annually!

Scandinavian Parental Leave Laws

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Parental leave laws are crucial to achieving gender equality and work-life balance. Scandinavian countries are known for their progressive approach to family-friendly policies, and their provisions for parental leave are often considered exemplary. This article offers a comparative analysis of parental leave laws in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, shedding light on the benefits and differences […]

Employment Laws in Bermuda

The employment laws in Bermuda are governed by the Employment Act 2000. This ensures that employees are protected while being provided a fair remuneration for their efforts. Here are some of the employment laws in Bermuda:

7 Countries with the Best Paternity Leave

Parental leave across the globe ranges from a total of three years to nothing at all. Paternity leave is an important topic to address as there are still several countries that do not offer fathers the same benefits as mothers. Many countries make the leave flexible by offering it as parental leave and open to […]