Scandinavian Parental Leave Laws

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Parental leave laws are crucial to achieving gender equality and work-life balance. Scandinavian countries are known for their progressive approach to family-friendly policies, and their provisions for parental leave are often considered exemplary. This article offers a comparative analysis of parental leave laws in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, shedding light on the benefits and differences […]

Maternity Leave Policies in Hong Kong & Macau

Since the early 1990s, Hong Kong and Macau governments have been slowly but surely updating their maternity leave policies. In 1993, the Hong Kong government increased paid maternity leave from six to eight weeks. In 2003, they increased it to ten weeks. In 2004, the Macau government followed suit and increased their paid maternity leave […]

Maternity Leave Policy in India

Effective since 2017, India revised its labor laws with regards to the provision of maternity leave for the female working population. With an increase from 12 to 26 weeks, the private sector is now on par with the leave amounts granted to women working in the public sector. Even though India has become one of […]

Qatar Maternity Leave Policy

As a female employee, it is essential to have sufficient time off from work as and when needed for maternity reasons. Here, we shall discuss in detail the terms and conditions of the maternity leave policy, as well as general gender policies in Qatar, according to their labor law.

Labor Rights in China

The labor law of China is designed to protect the rights of employees and employers in an industry. The law gives workers the right to equal opportunity in terms of pay and promotion and provides a legal framework that covers a broad range of employment-related legal issues.

Labor Law Changes in France

The Labor Law in France covers all issues related to employment, labor laws, and regulations. The terms and conditions of employment are clearly stated. The law also ensures employee representation and talks about discrimination, maternal and family leaves, as well as rights of all workers. There are a total of 35 jurisdictions focused on labor […]

United Arab Emirates Labor Laws

Working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) means following strict labor laws. UAE’s labor laws have recently expanded on working hours, annual leave policies, and other important work-related components. The law also states requirements and rules about maternity leave, sick leave, termination of employment, and safety standards that need to be followed in the workplace. […]