New Chinese Overtime Policy: Work-Life Balance for Employees

China’s labor law came into action in 1995. It was a legal framework to determine employment laws, hourly wages, and Chinese overtime payment policies. For many years, the country paid close attention to overtime work and made decent compensations to accommodate overtime workers. The rules of paying twice and thrice the contracted hourly pay have […]

China’s New Regulations on Working Hours: What Employers Need to Know

China’s rapid economic growth has fueled an increasing focus on labor rights and working conditions. The Chinese government has enacted new regulations governing employee working hours in response to these concerns. As a responsible employer, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to these regulations to ensure compliance and maintain a healthy work environment for your […]

A Look At China’s Workers’ Compensation System

When you think of work-related injuries, your first thought may not be to turn to China. However, workers’ compensation in this country is far more than just a novelty; it’s essential for protecting the rights and well-being of hundreds of millions of Chinese workers. Let’s take a closer look at how these strategies combine to […]

Women’s Worker Rights in China

If you are a woman in China interested in mining, logging, or anything that involves carrying 44 pounds or more, Chinese labor laws may prevent you from being able to work in that field. However, activists are constantly trying to get these laws changed as well as to prevent similar future laws.   Learn more […]