New Law in Brazil Promotes Gender Equality in the Workplace

The Brazilian government has taken a significant step towards achieving gender equality in the workplace by implementing Law 14611. This new legislation, which amends the Brazilian Labour Code, aims to promote equal pay for equal work and eliminate gender-based discrimination in salary practices. The law also emphasizes the importance of salary transparency and introduces measures […]

Employment Law in Brazil and What Employers Need to Know

Brazil’s employment law landscape is undergoing significant changes, with new reforms set to transform the way businesses and employees interact. As an employer, it is essential to understand these overview organizations accordingly. This blog post will overview Brazil’s new employment law reforms, discuss their implications for employers, and offer guidance on preparing for these changes.

Terminating Employment in Brazil

Terminating someone is never pleasant, yet the process can be particularly complex in Brazil. Figuring out how to officially terminate an employment contract in Brazil requires understanding the country’s complex labor laws and regulations – after all, nobody wants to stay on the wrong side of an inconvenient legal battle. Despite its unusual intricacies, navigating […]