Employment Law In Belgium: A Guide For Global Companies

Global People Strategist

Understanding employment law in Belgium is important for global companies expanding their operations in this European country. It is known for its strong worker protections and comprehensive legal framework, and it offers specific regulations that govern the employer-employee relationship.  This guide provides an overview of key aspects of Belgium employment law, helping global companies ensure […]

Belgium: Additional Voluntary Overtime System

To provide flexibility to employers and employees alike, Belgium has introduced a unique system allowing additional voluntary overtime until 2025. This move reflects the country’s commitment to maintaining a balanced approach to labor regulations while addressing the needs of businesses and workers. In this article, we will delve into the details of this innovative system, […]

5 Countries with the Best Employment Laws

Around the world, workers are given different rights. These range from the right to organize protests and participate in trade unions, to working in safe conditions and overtime pay. This article explores 5 countries that have the best employment laws from the perspective of the employee with top global rankings in terms of rights of […]