Part I. Global Talent Attraction – The Positive Benefits

Gone are the days of only large multinational corporations having the ability to hire international talent. Thanks to the Internet and its virtual hiring options, the hunt for global talent is on the rise! The trend toward a globally distributed workforce benefits both businesses and employees. For example, businesses can now save money by hiring virtual assistants for their administrative needs for a lower cost than hiring an administrative assistant who is in the office each day. In addition, remotely located employees with desirable skills have the opportunity to work from home, without necessarily incurring the higher costs of living in big cities.

One of the biggest benefits for a company hiring international talent is the automatic increase in diversity. Integrating global talent into the workplace can also dismantle old ideas, processes and procedures at an organization that may have operated on the basis of “that’s always the way we do things around here” as an excuse for a lack of innovation. Overall, a diverse workforce has many benefits and research has continually provided evidence towards increases in productivity, creativity, profits, employee engagement, reputation and cultural insights when there is tangible cultural diversity in the workplace.

Additionally, by mixing up the workplace with new staff from different backgrounds, innovative ideas will be encouraged from all employees. All it takes is one person to challenge the status quo in order to dismantle the tendency towards unintentionally practicing groupthink. Furthermore, if the global talent that is hired speaks a different language, it could open up the total market reach of the organization. Having an employee with solid language skills, as well as thorough knowledge of new cultures and markets could be very beneficial for a business.

Hiring people across borders also opens up the talent pool to be broader and deeper, thus making a wider array of skill sets available to the employer. Businesses can truly say they are hiring the ‘best of the best’.

Overall, adopting global talent attraction and acquisition strategies are an impactful way to increase the diversity of employees within the organization, create relationships with new potential product markets, provide new ways of thinking within the workplace, and to create an opportunity to hire the best talent in the world!

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