Parental Leave in Serbia

The economy in Serbia has witnessed considerable growth over the past few years, which has led to an increase in job opportunities for both locals and immigrants. There has also been a significant increase in Serbian women joining the labor force. As of 2020, females accounted for almost half of the Serbian labor force.

In order to facilitate households where both the wife and the husband are working, Serbia has come up with comprehensive maternity and paternity leave laws.

Maternity and Paternity Leave in Serbia:

Maternity Leave:

A pregnant woman working in Serbia is entitled to a maximum of one year of paid maternity leave. Pregnant women are allowed to take their leave up to 45 days before the expected date of delivery, upon producing a medical certificate. The latest that the maternity leave can start is 28 days prior to the expected date of delivery. The employee must also return to work 3 months after the child has been born.

In case of a stillbirth or a miscarriage, the employee is entitled to three months of paid leave.

Should the employee return to work prior to the end of their allotted maternity leave, the employer must provide the employee with a daily, 90-minute paid lactation break during the working day.

Employees having at least three children are entitled to a paid maternity leave up to two years.

Paternity Leave:

The employee is eligible for up to 3 months of paid paternity leave under the following circumstances:

  • The newborn’s mother has died
  • The mother has a severe medical condition or illness
  • The mother is imprisoned
  • The mother is unemployed

Child Care Leave:

Employees having a child with a severe medical condition or disability are entitled to an additional paid child care leave upon the end of their medical or paternal leave. This leave can last until the child is five. If the employee wishes to work part time instead of taking the child care leave, they are allowed to make this decision.

Foster Care and Adoptive Leave:

Foster care and adoptive parents are entitled to a maximum paid leave of eight months, starting from the time the child has officially been placed with the family.

If the child is less than three months old, than the parents can take a paid leave period up till the child is 13 months old.

Final Word:

Thanks to the benefits of the maternity and paternity laws introduced, Serbia has been able to boost their workforce with skilled male and female workers, along with efficiency, productivity, and ultimately improving their GDP.

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