Labor Laws in Cambodia

There have been some significant changes in labor laws in Cambodia over the past few years that show that the country is moving to protect women and employees of all ages, castes, and religions. As of 2020, Cambodia has been promoting equal pay, equal opportunities, and professions, and paid leave for workers. Here are some of the labor laws in Cambodia:
Equal Pay
The Cambodian Constitution makes equal pay for equal work a necessity and does not allow organizations to discriminate against women. In Cambodia, the work performed by housewives at home is of the same value as the work performed by women at the workplace. In Cambodia, no one can discriminate on the basis of sex, age, origin, caste, or age. Workers who have the same job, professional skills, and output will not be discriminated against.

Equal Opportunities and Professions
In Cambodia, there is no restriction on the kinds of jobs that women are allowed to do. Women are entitled to the same opportunities and professions as their male counterparts. Both genders are encouraged to take part in the political, economic, social, and cultural life in Cambodia. The grant of the State allows both genders to choose jobs based on their capabilities, abilities, intelligence, and the needs of the Cambodian society. It is always open to the suggestions of citizens.

Compensation for Overtime Work
In Cambodia, the average employer works for 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. Overtime work is allowed as long as the total working hours do not cross 10 hours per day unless of extraordinary circumstances.
In Cambodia, employees can adjust working hours so that employees can take Saturday afternoons and Sundays off from work. However, working hours per day cannot be more than 9 hours. In case of urgent work, overtime is allowed, but the employee must be compensated sufficiently. Moreover, if the employee does not want to do overtime work, employers cannot enforce overtime. In case overtime work needs to be assigned, special permission must be taken from the Ministry of Labor. Overtime pay must be at least 150% of the usual wage that the employer is paid. For those working a night shift, the rate rises to 200%.

Rest Days Per Week
Every week, employees must be given 24 hours of rest. According to the Cambodian labor law, no employee can work on Sundays. However, if employees are needed to complete work, rest days can be given on a rotational basis. However, special permission must be taken from the Ministry of Labor. Guards, caretakers, and drivers who are needed on Sundays by their employers have to be given compensatory time off during the week. In retail stores, employees are given weekly rest days on a rotational basis. The Labor Inspector can cancel a weekly rest day allowance letter if it is too close to a public holiday. However, the worker will still be given compensatory time off during the week.

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