Ireland’s First-Ever Statutory Sick Pay Scheme: The Positive Impact on Employees

European countries hold a positive reputation worldwide for impressive employment laws and benefits. While most countries in the region adhere to similar standards, Ireland was excluded from the list until last year when the first-ever statutory sick leave pay scheme came into action. Ireland’s statutory sick pay scheme entitles all employees to paid time off when sick. Employees must provide sufficient (documented) evidence to validate their health problems to benefit from the scheme. Today, we will discuss how the new policy has impacted the Irish locals.

Statutory Sick Pay Scheme – An Overview

Before we speak about the impact on employees, let’s quickly review the details of the scheme. The primary goal of the statutory sick pay scheme is to bring Ireland in line with other countries in Europe with mandatory paid sick leaves for employees. According to the new legislation, employees are entitled to a minimum number of paid sick leaves (effective January 2023), as mentioned on their employment contract.

Formerly, employees could apply for Illness Benefit for a flat payment from employers after meeting several conditions. The new legislation has eliminated the complications and aligned the system with most European countries for a better employment culture.

The Positive Impact on Irish Employees

We have covered a few factors to highlight the positive impact of the new sick pay scheme on Irish employees. Let’s have a look.

Work-Life Balance

The most significant benefit Irish employees can experience with the new sick pay scheme is an optimal work-life balance. Previously, employees received a flat payment to compensate for the sickness period after meeting specific requirements. However, the flat amount did not meet the expenses of many locals who took time off work. With a statutory sick pay scheme, employees can be paid for each day they take off (based on their employment contract).

Growth Opportunities

The limitation of employment benefits in Ireland made it challenging for local employees to find growth opportunities. Most employees preferred staying in organizations with more benefits instead of switching to other companies due to a lack of sick leave compensation. With the sick pay scheme taking over employment sectors, employees can experience the same rule nationwide and opt for growth opportunities without worries.

A Win-Win Situation for Employers and Employees

The new legislation has created a win-win situation for employers and employees in Ireland. Employees can have a satisfactory employment experience in local organizations. Employers can target better returns due to more employment interests in the local market. Moreover, people from other European countries can move to Ireland to work in local companies due to the provision of paid medical leaves.

Final Thoughts

The above details highlight the implications and impact of Ireland’s statutory sick pay scheme. This significant legislative breakthrough has raised the country’s status and aligned it with other European countries based on employment benefits. If you want to stay updated with global compliance and international employment laws, feel free to visit Global People Strategist and schedule a demo to find out how we can support your business.

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