Expansion and Retraction

Expanding a business globally, and working on foreign soil is both exciting and scary. It’s exciting because there are many new things to explore, including fresh and unique business opportunities. But it’s also scary because when you are working in another company, no matter how supportive or welcoming it is, you are still a foreign entity. You don’t know the local corporate dynamics, intricacies of labor laws, and standard business practices. So your expansion needs to be extra cautious and careful. You may need to spend more time assimilating than expanding.

Many entrepreneurs and growth-oriented businesses might consider this tedious part as the “necessary evil” of expansion. But it doesn’t need to be this way. By leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and the comprehensive compliance tool of Global People Strategist, expansion can be a breeze. We are equipped to help and support you in every step of your foreign expansion stage. Even though corporate compliance is our core focus, we offer the full spectrum of expansion services your business might need.

Everything you need for compliance

What We Offer

Company Formation

Hurdling through the legal hoops of forming and registering your company on foreign soil can be taxing, and resource-draining if you don’t do it right. With our expertise in international corporate compliance and a network of local professionals, we can streamline the process for you. You will not have to worry about missing some important compliance detail or local rule while establishing your business in another country.

VAT Registration

If you are expanding to Europe or England, or another country where having a Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT) for your business is compulsory, we have got you covered. Though the process is fairly straight forward in some countries, it’s complex in others. And wasting time on something that can be done much sooner with the right connections is not a smart use of your expansion resources. This is another thing we can take off your hands.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance can be tricky, especially when you are expanding to foreign soil where local laws and corporate culture is significantly different from your home country. We can assist you with this transition, and make sure that you don’t need to fully reorient your corporate practices just for the sake of foreign expansion. By helping you establish the fairground between your internal policies, and foreign country’s corporate compliance laws and regulations, we can keep your expansion easy and fruitful.

Registered Office and Virtual Services

Expanding to another country is usually broken into many small steps. From securing premises to hiring the right staff, there are several steps that you might need assistance with. Since our expertise lies in helping businesses expand, we can help you restructure your expansion plan into much more manageable steps.

Bank Account Introduction

To anchor your business financially, you will need to open a bank account in another country, which can be a difficult thing to do on your own. You can leverage our international network of connections to easily navigate opening bank accounts for your business and employees in another country.

Other Services

Our other services include, Statutory Account Setup, finding and appointing the right Nominee Director (and Corporate Secretary), Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Legal Support. In essence, everything your business needs to gain solid footing and traction on foreign soil.

We also provide retraction services, if you are scaling back or moving your business from one foreign country to another.