Employment Law in the UK – What to Expect in 2022

There are strict Employment Laws in place to protect employee’s rights and govern what an employer can ask of their employees. The United Kingdom’s Employment Law offers the highest degree of protection for their employee’s rights. The following will highlight the changes to expect in 2022 as far as Employment Law is concerned.

Changes and modifications are expected in the 2022 clauses involved in employment law. Due to COVID-19, there have been significant changes for both employers and employees, which will be reflected in the modifications of the employment law.

Establishment of a New Single Enforcement Body

You can expect the establishment of a new enforcement body. At present, there are multiple enforcement bodies with limited powers. However, in 2022, a single enforcement body will be established, that will have greater powers than the enforcement bodies today.

New Employment Bill

A new Employment Bill has been promised under which the new enforcement body will address breaches in the minimum wage and other matters related to employment agencies, modern slavery, and statutory holiday and sick pay.

Flexible Working

One of the biggest shifts during the pandemic has been an inclination and greater acceptance of flexible work hours and environment. Since the hybrid model is here to stay, the Employment Law is expected to reflect the new norm. The new Employment Law is expected to make flexible working a default for all employees and will also offer greater rights to employees for hidden over time that tends to be overlooked with remote work.

Review of Regulations of Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Employers in the UK are required to submit an annual Gender Pay Gap report. The deadlines were extended in 2021 due to the pandemic. However, you can expect the timelines to revert to the standard timescales in 2022. Moreover, the government is expected to review the Gender Pay Gap reporting regulations to ensure the employers aren’t being overburdened and whether the regulations are being followed. (See Also: Employment and Labor Regulations in the UK)

Rise in National Minimum Wage

You can expect the national minimum wages to be revised in the year 2022. An increase in National Living Wage, National Minimum Wage, and National Insurance Contributions is expected in 2022 as well.

Update in Employment Practices Guidance

The Employment Practices Code hasn’t been updated since the establishment of the Data Protection Act in 2018. The Employment Practices Code is expected to be updated in 2022 and will cover topics such as workers’ health information, employment records, recruitment and selection, and workers’ monitoring.

These are just a few of the many modifications that are expected to come in the United Kingdom’s Employment Law. One thing’s given – the government is well aware of the change in working dynamics post-COVID-19, and it is determined to ensure a healthy relationship between employers and employees.

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