Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws in Kenya

  As harrowing as it is, sexual harassment is a bitter reality that continues to plague both public and private spaces. Regardless of the setting where it takes place, sexual harassment is an unacceptable act that calls for strict legal action. Luckily, Kenyaprovides such kind of protection to its citizens.

Termination and Grounds for Dismissal in Germany

  According to German law, employment relationships can be terminated through mutual consent in the event a fixed-term contract expires or when a notice is served by either one of the two parties, i.e., the employer and employee. To act in the general protection of all employees, the employer has limited rights to dismiss the […]

Labor Market Mobility in India

There was a time when switching jobs could only be a dream, but now people can try diverse employment positions in different parts of the world thanks to rapid globalization. This ease of movement in the job market refers to labor market mobility, which is a worldwide phenomenon that happens domestically as well as across […]

Maternity Leaves Offered in Greece

  The maternity leave policy for the female workforce of Greece complies with international standards, clearly stating that the duration of the maternity leave should be at least 14 weeks. The maternity benefits in Greece also include a pay package of at least 67% of the worker’s monthly wage, which is supposed to be given […]

What in the world? France

Do you feel like work never truly ends, even after business hours? In this country, employees have the right to ignore business emails after business hours are over. Some companies even shut their email servers off at night! Would you enjoy this labor law?

Health Care Benefits for Employees in Singapore

  Businesses and workplace establishments in Singapore have a responsibility for theirworkers’ health and well-being. The importance of providing medical benefits and entitlements is stated in Singapore’s Employment Act. 

What in the World? Norway

In this country, parents receive generous paid parental leave! The parental leave benefit can be shared between both the mother and father and lasts 49 weeks paid at 100% wages with 15 weeks reserved for each parent or 59 weeks at 80% wages which is 6 times the national insurance basic amount annually!

What in the World? Austria

Can you imagine being forced to take 30 days off a year? This country has some of the most generous employee vacation policies, some extending to 5 paid weeks per each year of work!

Women’s Worker Rights in China

If you are a woman in China interested in mining, logging, or anything that involves carrying 44 pounds or more, Chinese labor laws may prevent you from being able to work in that field. However, activists are constantly trying to get these laws changed as well as to prevent similar future laws.   Learn more […]

What in the World? Japan

Do you ever feel tired at work? In Japan, companies are creating “nap rooms” for their employees to help give them a chance to refresh their minds and gain more energy! Employers in Japan are looking to boost their employees’ mental health and wellness and implementing ideas such as this one!