EU: New Adequacy Decision

European Union flag trianglify Generative Art background illustration

The European Union (EU) has always been at the forefront of data privacy and protection, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being a landmark legislation. Concerns about data transfers between the EU and the United States have been recurring, but recent developments signal a renewed effort to address these concerns.

The Impacts of Worker Shortage in Logistics in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with an exemplary government and legislative structure. While the country remains the top choice for many immigrants, recent challenges have led locals and immigrants to revisit their ideas. Logistics is one of the core industries contributing to the economy of New Zealand. Dealing with the post-COVID effects, the country is […]

EU’s Proposed Directive on Gender Pay Transparency: Pros and Cons

In recent years, the issue of gender pay inequality has gained significant attention across the globe. The European Union (EU) has been at the forefront of efforts to bridge the gender pay gap. The proposed Directive on Gender Pay Transparency is the latest step. The Directive aims to provide a legal framework that ensures transparency […]

How South Africa Law Is Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion

As the world navigates what the new every day looks like, everyone seeks ways to create a more equitable and inclusive society. South Africa has taken some inspiring steps in their legislation to prioritize diversity and inclusion now and in the future.

Canada’s Digital Charter

The digital revolution has unlocked endless possibilities for business, communication, and access to knowledge. Data is now a valuable resource allowing companies unprecedented productivity while providing users with innovative services.

Employment Law Changes in the United Kingdom

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many changes in the corporate sector worldwide, and the UK is no different. As the global health crisis seems to be under control, the State has begun implementing several employment law amendments. Some of these changes in labor policy have already been enforced, while others will be in the near […]