A Round-Up of New Zealand’s 2021 Labor Law Changes

  New Zealand’s government is set to introduce employment reforms that will be implemented throughout 2021. These reforms aim to improve the employer-employee relationship and enhance the working conditions of individuals working in New Zealand. A few of the major employment reforms include an increase in the minimum wage, improvement of pay equity and sick […]

Health and Wellness in France

France has generous employee benefits to ensure the health and wellness of their workforce. Learn about some of the statutory benefits for employees in our What in the World? video:

Employment Law In Belgium: A Guide For Global Companies

Global People Strategist

Understanding employment law in Belgium is important for global companies expanding their operations in this European country. It is known for its strong worker protections and comprehensive legal framework, and it offers specific regulations that govern the employer-employee relationship.  This guide provides an overview of key aspects of Belgium employment law, helping global companies ensure […]

The Creation of Minimum Wage in Finland

Finland is finally discussing the creation of minimum wage regulations since sector specific minimum pay regulations have not existed in the country, which creates both more opportunities and risk for employees in the country. Since the 1970s, Finland has utilized collective bargaining practices in order to negotiate wage agreements. This has been the case both […]

Labor Law of Colombia

  Labor laws are the core of working relationships between employees and employers in Colombia. They establish the foundations of the duties and rights of every employee and business owner operating in the country.

Effects of COVID on Australian Market

The impact of COVID-19 can be felt by most industries in Australia in the form of reduced employee working hours, wage cuts, and staff reductions. Estimates show that 41% of jobs are at high risk of being terminated. This is why the Federal Government has introduced the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme. Numerous industries in Australia […]