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Poland Revises Labor Code

The Poland Labor Code is the key legal contract between an employer and an employee. Changes to Poland’s labor code came into effect on 7 September 2019. Today, Poland’s labor code protects employees from discrimination, revises policies of issuing employment certificates, and gives parents permission to assign maternity and parental

New Queensland Labor Hire Licensing Laws

The Queensland Labor Hire Licensing Act in Australia commenced on 16 April 2018 introducing a mandatory licensing requirement for labor hire service providers. The enactment of the Queensland labor hire licensing act follows the completion of a parliamentary inquiry into the labor hire practices in Queensland.

Employment Benefits in Thailand

If you are considering working in Thailand or starting a business in Thailand, it is essential to be aware of the employment and employee benefits laws. This article overviews Thailand’s primary laws governing employment and employee benefits.

Employment Contracts and Employment Agreements in Australia

If you’re starting a new job in Australia, you might be wondering what the difference is between an employment contract and an employment agreement. While they may sound similar, some key distinctions exist between these two types of documents.

United Kingdom Parental Bereavement Act

The Parental Bereavement Act was passed in the United Kingdom in 2014 and came into effect in March 2015. This law allows parents to take time off work to deal with the death of a child. Here are 5 things you need to know about the Parental Bereavement Act:

Chile Labor Code and Leave Laws

Chile Labor Code and Leave Laws

Chile is known for its strong and transparent, stable economy that promises growth. The country’s legal framework, along with its labor laws, encourage foreign investors to enter the domestic and affluent Chile markets. Chile also has a mature financial market, which has prospered over the years. The preliminary articles of

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Hiring and Termination in Japan

Japan’s business culture is renowned for its uniqueness, and this distinctiveness extends to recruiting and dismissing employees. Navigating Japan’s legal and cultural landscape presents challenges and opportunities for businesses. Understanding the compliance challenges and best practices associated with hiring and termination in Japan is crucial for companies operating in this

Privacy Policies on clipboard.

Employee Privacy Rights in Canada

As an employer in Canada, I understand and respect employee privacy rights, essential to maintaining a balanced and respectful workplace. Canadian laws provide significant protections for employee privacy, and employers must be aware of these regulations to avoid legal repercussions and foster a trusting work environment. This article provides an

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Anti-Discrimination Legislation in Australia: Key Insights

Workplace discrimination is a significant issue that affects employees and employers alike. Understanding and complying with anti-discrimination legislation is necessary for fostering a fair and inclusive work environment. In Australia, robust anti-discrimination laws play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s workplace culture. This article explores key aspects of Australia’s