Advantages of Working in Finland

The happiest country in the world, Finland, has a world-class education system, a negligible crime rate, tremendous equality and freedom, and excellent job opportunities. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key reasons to consider working in Finland.

Reasons to Work in Finland:

1)    The Happiest Country in the World:

According to the World Happiness Report from 2021, Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world, having scored 7.89 points on a 0-10 scale. This report takes into account several factors, including GPD, social support, and life expectancy. In fact, this is the fourth consecutive time that Finland has secured this distinction.

So, if you are someone in search of true happiness, Finland might be your best bet.

2)    Excellent Work Environment:

As mentioned, Finland’s working hours and schedules make sure that all their employees can enjoy a work-life balance.

For example, ‘working flexibly’ is quite common in Finland. This means that  it is up to the employees to decide whether they want to work from home or work from their company office. A Employers also consult their employees when deciding their working hours, in order to come up with a schedule that can maximize productivity.

3)    Diverse Employment Opportunities:

Finland is constantly on the lookout for skilled workers in many different fields and sectors. Some of these factors include education, engineering, and nursing.

Being a developed country, Finland also has a huge service industry that employs people in areas such as catering, hotel, transport, and commerce.. Due to high demand, the service industry in Finland is expected to increase as time goes on.

4)    Innovation:

The Bloomberg Innovation Index places Finland in the 8th spot in terms of innovation. Mobile-app development and e-participation are just a couple of areas where Finland leads the way for the rest of the world. A number of well-known and established companies, including Nokia, have originated in Finland.

Finnish educational institutes like LUT University put a lot of emphasis on research, innovation, and development. Students are equipped with all the skills and expertise they will need to excel in this tech-driven era.

5)    Acceptance and Tolerance:

The welcoming nature of Finland’s culture is another reason to work there.

The Legatum Prosperity Index sees Finland as the 9th most tolerant nation of the world, based on factors such as freedom of religion, speech and legal rights.

Also, according to a 2018 UN-released companion report consisting of 117 countries, Finland’s expat and immigrant populations are the happiest in the world.

6)    Ability to Work While Studying:

Students at Finnish universities can easily combine their studies with work.

An international student studying in Finland can work a maximum of 25 hours a week throughout the academic year and can engage in full-time employment during winter and summer breaks.

Final Word:

Finland’s excellent work environment, social acceptance, employment opportunities, and focus on innovation have made it one of the most desirable countries in the world for employment. Feel free to visit our website to checkout more blogs relating to work environments around the world. (Read More about Finland Here)

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