6 Reasons to Work in France

France has one of the strongest economies globally, primarily due to its thriving tourism industry, but that’s not the only sector that makes this country one of the leading economies worldwide. There are many other industries that contribute to France’s GDP and the overall economic growth. Aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, beauty products, skincare items, luxury goods, telecoms, and hospitality all play a significant role in keeping the French economy running successfully.

France’s economic standing alone is enough to entice people to find employment in the European country. However, if you still want more reasons to work there, here are a few convincing points.

Employee Benefits

Companies in France offer incredible perks to their employees that go beyond paid leave and bonuses. People working in different enterprises with the department “Comité d’Entreprise” get a number of resources for entertainment and recreation. This offers perks such as discounted tickets to theater shows and cinemas, shopping vouchers, and holiday deals, among others, to ensure high morale amongst their employees. (See also: Maternity Benefits in France)

Holidays and Working Hours

France has the highest number of holidays across the globe. It may not seem that big of a deal, but it is because aside from the national holidays, employees are entitled to 30 days or so of annual leave. Of course, that figure can change based on a person’s contract. Nevertheless, you receive a substantial number of days to take a break from work.

In terms of working hours, employees are to work 35 hours a week. If workers put in extra time on the job, they are handsomely compensated and given compensatory leave in the future.

Commute Coverage

Traveling to work can be a bit of a grind anywhere in the world. However, there is no escaping it; you have to take the jam-packed subways to and from the office. France is no different in that regard. But what makes commuting in the European country remotely pleasant is the cost coverage by the employers.

Many French enterprises offer to pay for their employees’ travel expenses to and from work. That said, some of them may cover the entire amount, while others may only pay 50% of the lump sum.

Health Insurance

All employers in France offer health coverage to their employees, giving them access to world-class healthcare facilities.

Job Security

One of the most appealing aspects of working in France is high job security. French employers cannot fire people on a whim; they need to follow a cumbersome protocol to do so. And that holds for definite and indefinite-term contracts once the probationary period has ended.


It goes without saying that if you work in France, you will get to enjoy divinely-delicious food, but not just in the restaurants and cafes. Most offices have great canteens that offer delectable fare to employees.

Ending Note

Besides the standard benefits all employees receive in France, you can acquire even more if you negotiate well with your employer. And even if you don’t, you still receive many perks of working at a French company.

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