3 Best (and surprising) Countries for Women to Work in


Leaving your family and friends behind to pursue a career is never an easy one. Unsurprisingly then, a 2018 survey conducted by the Expat Insider revealed that only a quarter of expatriate women cite career as their primary motivation behind moving abroad, in comparison to 38% of men.

In fact, a greater percentage of women (28%) claimed that they moved abroad for relationship-related reasons or due to their partner’s education or job.

Women, who do make the decision to pursue their career in a new country, are often rewarded in the form of improved salaries and growth opportunities. In this blog, we will be covering the top countries for women considering working abroad.

Best Countries for Women to Work in:

1) Czechia:

From excellent career prospects to sound job security, Czechia can offer a lot. Expat women working in Czechia are immensely satisfied as far as employment goes: 83% are happy with the jobs, while 78% are satisfied with the level of job security.

A move to Czechia can significantly propel career prospects for women; 73% of those working in the country feel that Czechia offers excellent career prospects – in comparison, only 63% of men share this thought.

Having said that, if you are a woman looking to move abroad with the purpose of improving your salary, you might want to look elsewhere; 38% of women working in Czechia claim that they make less than what they would have made working in a similar or identical position back home.

2) Bahrain:

This is a Gulf State nation that offers excellent working opportunities and lives for women. 66% of women working in Bahrain are satisfied with the career prospects, while 76% are happy with the work-life balance that their jobs have to offer. So, when we tell you that a whopping 88% female expatriatesworking in Bahrain are happy with the jobs, it would not be surprising.

3) Taiwan:

Taiwan ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to women’semployment. For one, the country offers highly favorable working hours; 72% expatriate women working in Taiwan are happy with this aspect of their jobs. In addition, 66% are satisfied with the career prospects that the country offers. It is also quite easy for women to find employment in Taiwan, and the country’s education field seems to provide the most opportunities for female expats, with 58% employed in this sector.

Final Word:

To conclude, the three countries discussed in this blog are the leaders of an increasing list of nations that have a lot to promise for women looking to move in order to pursue or advance their careers.

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