Revised Regulations for Hiring Nationals in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a thriving hub in the heart of Europe, has recently implemented revised regulations governing the recruitment of third-country nationals. These changes are essential for employers, HR professionals, and foreign workers seeking employment.

Economic Crimes Law Labor Effects in Chile

Skyline of financial district in Las Condes with Los Andes Mountains in the back, Santiago de Chile

The intersection of labor and economic crimes in Chile has gained significant attention by introducing the new Economic Crimes Law. The country’s Department of Labor is actively emphasizing the implications of this law on labor-related matters, ensuring that workers’ rights and protections are maintained in this evolving legal landscape. Understanding the Economic Crimes Law Chile’s recently […]

Guide: Hire & Pay in Singapore

Skyline picture of Singapore.

Singapore’s thriving economy and strategic location make it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their operations internationally. When recruiting international talent in Singapore, there are a few key considerations to remember.

Argentina: Power Of I.T. Union

In recent years, Argentina has witnessed a significant shift in the power dynamics within its labor sector, particularly in information technology (I.T.).

Employment Law Overview in Colombia       

Colombia, a vibrant and diverse South American nation, boasts a robust workforce contributing to its economic growth. Colombia has established comprehensive labor laws to protect employers’ and employees’ rights and interests. This article will provide an overview of essential employment laws in Colombia, shedding light on the rights, responsibilities, and legal framework that govern the […]

France: New Rights to Employees with Disabled Children

France has recently implemented new legislation to support employees with children suffering from serious ill health or disability. This move aims to provide better work-life balance for parents facing challenging circumstances and ensure they can adequately care for their children. The new rights include a leave of absence of five working days with full pay […]

New Law in Brazil Promotes Gender Equality in the Workplace

The Brazilian government has taken a significant step towards achieving gender equality in the workplace by implementing Law 14611. This new legislation, which amends the Brazilian Labour Code, aims to promote equal pay for equal work and eliminate gender-based discrimination in salary practices. The law also emphasizes the importance of salary transparency and introduces measures […]