South Africa’s Minimum Wage Evolution: A Step Towards Economic Equality

The minimum wage is any amount the government allows as a minimum rate that employees must pay their workers at an average amount of hours. This doesn’t include transport provisions, food, living expenses, bonuses, leaves, etc. Over the years, South Africa has often modified its minimum wage policy. These changes have attempted to bring about […]

An In-Depth Look at Norway’s Progressive Parental Leave Policies

The International Labour Office (ILO) created the first global maternity leave standard in 1919. The standard policy was revised in 1952, which granted a minimum of 12 weeks’ leave. According to the guidelines directed by the ILO, in countries that offer cash benefits via social security, mothers are to be paid at the rate of […]

Australia’s Employment Law Changes: The Details of New Amendments

Australia is one of the best countries to live in. You can find decent employment opportunities, high wages, and many benefits while working in local organizations. Despite the country’s impressive employment culture, the Australian government made a few changes to the country’s employment laws. While some policies have already taken effect, others will be adopted […]

Ireland’s First-Ever Statutory Sick Pay Scheme: The Positive Impact on Employees

European countries hold a positive reputation worldwide for impressive employment laws and benefits. While most countries in the region adhere to similar standards, Ireland was excluded from the list until last year when the first-ever statutory sick leave pay scheme came into action. Ireland’s statutory sick pay scheme entitles all employees to paid time off […]

New Chinese Overtime Policy: Work-Life Balance for Employees

China’s labor law came into action in 1995. It was a legal framework to determine employment laws, hourly wages, and Chinese overtime payment policies. For many years, the country paid close attention to overtime work and made decent compensations to accommodate overtime workers. The rules of paying twice and thrice the contracted hourly pay have […]

Australia: Navigating the Market

Picture of Sydney, Australia

The country and continent of Australia are rich in multiple natural resources, especially iron and coal. It also has gold and natural gas, and these natural resources have an enormous impact on the Australian economy. Understanding the economic makeup and the movement of “big money” are important to understanding Australia, or any other market, especially […]