Employment Law in Brazil and What Employers Need to Know

Brazil’s employment law landscape is undergoing significant changes, with new reforms set to transform the way businesses and employees interact. As an employer, it is essential to understand these overview organizations accordingly. This blog post will overview Brazil’s new employment law reforms, discuss their implications for employers, and offer guidance on preparing for these changes.

New Zealand Leave Policies

New Zealand offers generous annual leave entitlements to its citizens. These policies ensure employees have an excellent work-life balance, which helps improve employee performance and productivity. Have questions? Continue reading to learn everything about New Zealand’s leave regulations.

Employer of Record: Key Insights

Person on their laptop, accessing files.

The primary reason to use an Employer of Record is to outsource to a specialized service provider a wide range of formalities associated with establishing a presence in another country and hiring/managing employees in that country. This makes your expansion significantly easier without missing a beat on compliance with local laws.

Australia’s Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Act (FW Act) governs Australia’s workplace relations system, providing a framework for fair and productive employment conditions. In this blog post, we’ll explore some aspects of the act and its implications for employees and businesses.

Background Checks: Key Insights

Man on laptop looking at different files.

A successful business is reliant on employees who are dependable and come vetted from reliable sources regarding their past experience and general background. There are several steps associated with assessing the talent you are inviting into your business, and one of the initial, and typically most formal, steps is background checks.