Permanent Establishment: Insights

People shaking hands over business deal.

The taxation of a business operating in multiple countries is almost always complex. A presence in another country may not always subject you to the country’s taxes. In contrast, sometimes you may be subject to a country’s tax law even if you don’t consider your presence there substantial enough to be taxable. That is where […]

Familiarizing Yourself with Local Employment Laws When Working Abroad

Hiring or working abroad can be an incredibly enriching experience, from expanding your talent pool and broadening your market to immersing your business in the nuances of a new culture. Companies or individuals considering working abroad must familiarize themselves with foreign employment laws when venturing into other countries.

Terminating Employment in Brazil

Terminating someone is never pleasant, yet the process can be particularly complex in Brazil. Figuring out how to officially terminate an employment contract in Brazil requires understanding the country’s complex labor laws and regulations – after all, nobody wants to stay on the wrong side of an inconvenient legal battle. Despite its unusual intricacies, navigating […]

Employee Benefits in Canada’s Public and Private Sectors

Do you think the best employee benefits come from working for the government? Think again! With companies worldwide offering innovative, cutting-edge benefits packages to their employees, knowing where exactly Canada holds the most desirable job perks can take time.