Leave Laws and Holidays in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has several laws and regulations governing holidays and leave. These laws are designed to protect workers’ rights and ensure that they are able to take the time off to which they are entitled.

Maternity Leave Policies in Hong Kong & Macau

Since the early 1990s, Hong Kong and Macau governments have been slowly but surely updating their maternity leave policies. In 1993, the Hong Kong government increased paid maternity leave from six to eight weeks. In 2003, they increased it to ten weeks. In 2004, the Macau government followed suit and increased their paid maternity leave […]

Employment Law Changes in Europe

The European Union is set to implement a number of new employment laws in 2022 that will have a significant impact on employers across the bloc. Here are 8 employment law changes employers in Europe should know about:

Labor Codes in France

France is considered to be one of the best countries to work in across the globe. The labor laws in France are designed to significantly protect their labor force. It is intended to make it difficult for an employer to exploit their workers. If you are familiar with your rights, responsibilities, and French law as […]

Tax Tips for Germany

The German tax system operates on the federal and regional levels. The Federal Central Tax office overlooks tax payments nationwide, whereas regional offices across the country administer tax workings in different states. Everyone living in Germany has to pay tax on their earnings regardless of citizenship status. That is, whether you are a German citizen […]

Employment Law Changes in the United Kingdom

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many changes in the corporate sector worldwide, and the UK is no different. As the global health crisis seems to be under control, the State has begun implementing several employment law amendments. Some of these changes in labor policy have already been enforced, while others will be in the near […]

Health Insurance for Expats in Thailand

Thailand is often considered a top travel destination due to its serene beaches, secluded island cities, gorgeous landscapes, and exhilarating water sports. People from all over the world make their way to the Asian country, fondly referred to as the Land of Smiles to shake off the stress of city life. While Thailand may be […]

United States Business Compliance Trends

Due to COVID-19, companies had to devise creative ways to survive as nationwide lockdowns were implemented and employees had to work remotely. While things seem to be improving and offices are opening, uncertainty lingers on as business owners and conglomerates fear another wave. Business owners now realize that business operations are always at risk of […]

The New United Kingdom Points-Based Immigration System

Following Brexit and now the pandemic, the United Kingdom has had to make changes to its immigration system to increase the population of skilled workers in the country. As a result, the state recently introduced a new points-based immigration system.