Labor Policies in South Korea

In 2018, the South Korean Labor Standards Act (the LSA) stated that an employee could work for a maximum of 52 hours instead of 68 hours per week. This rule would apply to different businesses on different dates, depending on the number of workers each business had. Businesses with 50 or more employees had to […]

Employment Rights in Denmark

Denmark, for the longest time, did not have an exclusive body governing matters such as working time, annual leave, maternity, and other parenthood-related leave. All the terms and conditions of employment were dictated by an individual or collective contracts. However, things have changed over the past few decades.

Advantages of Working in Finland

The happiest country in the world, Finland, has a world-class education system, a negligible crime rate, tremendous equality and freedom, and excellent job opportunities. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key reasons to consider working in Finland.

Prime Countries for Engineers

Recently, more engineers have been looking to relocate to countries that will allow them to use their skills and education to the best of their ability and further their financial goals. In this era of tech and innovation, an increasing number of overseas opportunities have been made available for engineers. This blog will highlight some […]

Belgium Leave Incentives

Belgium is known for supporting a healthy work-life balance for their labor force. Belgian employers offer multiple benefits to employees to encourage them to start families and manage their personal and professional duties with ease. For this reason, the maternity and paternity incentives for salaried individuals in Belgium are among the best in the world.