Labor Rights in Norway

A progressive culture, high standard of living, and a long and storied history are just some of the reasons that people prefer working in Norway. If you are someone who has taken up or are considering seeking employment in Norway, check out this article where we cover the basics of Norwegian labor rights.

Maternity Benefits in France

In this article, we present maternity leave in France, along with the benefits, the pre-requisites that would allow you to claim benefits, and how long they last.

Working conditions and Labor Policies in China

The labor policies in China have been designed to protect the rights of employers and employees in any industry. As per the law, workers have been given the right to equal pay and promotion.

Workers’ Rights and Protection in Third-World Countries

  While globalization has supposedly led to all things good, such as economic growth, improved international relations, it has been frighteningly detrimental to those working in developing countries. Although to be fair, we cannot discount the significant rise in employment opportunities due to globalization; we can also not downplay the cost behind it. Despite the […]