A Round-Up of New Zealand’s 2021 Labor Law Changes

  New Zealand’s government is set to introduce employment reforms that will be implemented throughout 2021. These reforms aim to improve the employer-employee relationship and enhance the working conditions of individuals working in New Zealand. A few of the major employment reforms include an increase in the minimum wage, improvement of pay equity and sick […]

Discussing the Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Working Week

The occasional three-day weekend is a cause for excitement for everyone. However, what if this occasional occurrence became the norm? Would it propel business productivity, or will things take a turn for the worse? Let us discuss the pros and cons of a four-day working week.

Termination and Grounds for Dismissal in Germany

According to German law, employment relationships can be terminated through mutual consent in the event a fixed-term contract expires or when a notice is served by either one of the two parties, i.e., the employer and employee. To act in the general protection of all employees, the employer has limited rights to dismiss the employee […]

Portugal Labor Law Updates 2021

  Portugal proposes new reforms to Labor Laws in 2021 Portugal is proposing changes to the labor laws in order to facilitate a better work life balance for its workers . Analysis of various sets of labor data from 2015 to 2019 showed a steady increase in work performed outside of normal business hours. From […]

3 Best (and surprising) Countries for Women to Work in

  Leaving your family and friends behind to pursue a career is never an easy one. Unsurprisingly then, a 2018 survey conducted by the Expat Insider revealed that only a quarter of expatriate women cite career as their primary motivation behind moving abroad, in comparison to 38% of men.

Maternity Leaves Offered in Greece

  The maternity leave policy for the female workforce of Greece complies with international standards, clearly stating that the duration of the maternity leave should be at least 14 weeks. The maternity benefits in Greece also include a pay package of at least 67% of the worker’s monthly wage, which is supposed to be given […]

Will Saudi Arabia’s Recent Labor Reforms Prove Sufficient?

In early November 2020, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development introduced a Labor Reform Initiative (LRI). This reform aimed to improve the mobility of foreign workers within Saudi Arabia. Before the reforms were implemented, foreign workers needed their employers’ consentbefore switching jobs, opening up personal bank accounts, and traveling outside the […]

Gender Equality in the Workforce: Norway’s Employment Regulations

Establishing a Non-Discriminatory Society The premise of equality and access to equal opportunities for men and women rests in establishing a non-discriminatory society. Norway achieves this by including gender-specific and gender mainstreaming actions in their governing policies.

What in the world? France

Do you feel like work never truly ends, even after business hours? In this country, employees have the right to ignore business emails after business hours are over. Some companies even shut their email servers off at night! Would you enjoy this labor law?

Health Care Benefits for Employees in Singapore

  Businesses and workplace establishments in Singapore have a responsibility for theirworkers’ health and well-being. The importance of providing medical benefits and entitlements is stated in Singapore’s Employment Act.