Venezuelan Labor Laws

The Venezuelan labor laws are known as the Organic Law of Labor and Workers. The labor law deals with critical issues important to all employers running businesses in order to safeguard employees and the Venezuelan economy.

Labor Regulations in Ukraine

The Labor Code of Ukraine is a legislative act that polices employment relations in Ukraine. However, various provisions are made more explicit in the subordinate legislative regulations. These include work conditions, wages, leave policies, and other privileges that are usually decided by collective bargaining agreements.

Overtime in Germany

Did you know it is illegal for Labor Ministry staff in Germany to work overtime? The government has introduced new initiatives to help with mental health and remote working. Watch our latest What in the World video to learn more:

Work Conditions in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, employment relations are overseen by statutory legislation or by collective agreements. The law in Uzbekistan takes into account the concerns and interests of workers, employers, and the state. It ensures that the labor market is kept functioning, working conditions are just and safe, and the rights of workers are protected at all costs. […]

Uganda Fair Treatment in the Workplace Laws

In Uganda, fair treatment includes treating all employees with respect, giving them their rights, and following a proper code of conduct. Employees’ right to privacy must be protected, and feedback must be given to ensure that they meet their maximum potential at their jobs.