Leave Laws in Germany

Working in Germany means employees are entitled to time off for holidays, sickness, and care, as well as in case of childbirth. Here are the details of the leave laws in Germany:

Indonesia Employment Regulations in 2020

Indonesia has made changes to employment regulations in 2020. Law Number 13 of 2003 elaborates on the labor law of Indonesia, describing conditions for three types of workers, including fixed-term employees, permanent employees, and foreign employees. In Indonesia, employees are distinguished by their length of employment, the nature of their job, and the type of […]

New Employment Laws in Ireland

The year 2020 bought crucial changes to the employment laws in Ireland. These have impacted the workplace, ensuring employee safety, and are set to erase discrimination. New updates include work-life balance provisions, employment record-keeping, legal representation, and more.

Coronavirus Workplace Changes in Singapore

To adapt to the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, the government of Singapore has adopted some policies. These policies are to comply with international regulations while ensuring the safety of the workplace.

2020 Argentinian Labor Laws

The Labor Law in Argentina is holistic and rather complicated. It tries to protect the rights of the worker so that no employer can get away with mistreating his worker. To help you understand the intricacies of the Labor Law, we have compiled the most relevant issues for employing staff in the industry.

Labor Code of the Philippines

The Labor Code of the Philippines is a legal code that determines all employment practices and labor relations in the Philippines. This is to help protect employees and employers- while ensuring that neither is subject to unfair treatment or exploitation.

Significant Changes to Japan Labor Laws

In 2019, Japan made some changes to its Labor Law to ensure that its rapidly aging population continues to benefit from the workforce. The changes include limits to overtime work and changes to overtime rates, professional exemptions for highly skilled workers, and annual leave changes. Learn more:

Denmark Employment Policy Changes

Denmark made some significant changes to its labor law in 2020. The changes include amendments to policies regarding holiday laws, paid leaves, and employee data protection, among others. The introduction of the Danish Holiday Act, though, is the most significant change out of all. Here we discuss the major 2020 Danish labor law changes in […]