Sweden Updates Employment Protection Act

The Swedish labor market makes for a very interesting case study as it is primarily governed by collective bargaining agreements between the employers and trade and labor unions. Both parties are responsible for maintaining peace by basing agreements on a comprehensive framework provided by the Government, which it updates as necessary. Here we discuss the […]

Changes to South Korean Labor Laws

The South Korean labor market features a highly-segments labor profile. Almost 20% of the labor force is self-employed, and another 21% consists of temporary workers. Thus the labor laws in South Korea are quite complex and include significant variables. Here we discuss the latest changes to South Korean Labor Law in 2020.

Netherlands Introduces Major Changes to Labor Law

Five years ago, the Dutch Work and Security Act completely overhauled the dismissal law in the country. While a significant step, the Dutch labor law has been under reform since then in order to improve its current legislation and provide more security to employees. The focus of 2020 Dutch labor law changes seems to have […]

Malaysia Labor Law Changes

Over the past decade, the Malaysian government has introduced a number of legislative measures and Acts to strengthen the labor market in the country further. The Personal Data Protection Act, the Minimum Wage Act 2018, and the Minimum retirement age act have all brought additional stability. In this article, we look at Malaysian labor law […]

China’s Response to COVID-19

China is one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus due to the fact that the outbreak first took root there. Despite being the first and one of the hardest-hit countries, it has managed to establish an efficient system to battle the virus and ensure economic stability as much as possible. In this article, […]

Multi-National Partnerships in Taiwan

Taiwan is a country known for innovative technology and high levels of productivity across a number of different industries. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan, there were two industries with an unexpected overall increase in revenues in the first two quarters of 2020. The first was the electronics industry, followed by the semiconductor industry. The […]

Remote Working and Deductible Office Expenses in Australia

With so many opportunities to work remotely due to COVID-19 many organizations are being required to make a quick pivot in order to support employees who are working outside of the traditional workspace. Organizations in Australia are now looking at the long-term viability of keeping employees working remotely in order to decrease operational expenses and […]

Value Added Tax Proposed in Greece

Preliminary recommendations have been issued in Greece in order to reduce additional tax and social security contribution amounts with the hopes of potentially attracting investments from foreign parties. These investments may come in the form of multinational investors, multinational corporate partnerships or traditional tourism.

Reopening Tax Courts in Canada after COVID-19 Closures

Across many nations, the COVID-19 pandemic has either slowed, or completely halted the use of the court and judicial system in an effort to stave off the spread of the virus. Canada has been no exception to these practices, and now is preparing to cope with a massive influx of lawsuits from the backlog. With […]