New Zealand Employment Relations Act 2020

On June 8, New Zealand declared itself virus-free, moving to level one, the lowest of a four-tier alert system for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. However, travel bans, labor law changes, and various other rules that were implemented earlier this year to help the nation cope with the coronavirus outbreak are still in place.

Brazil Labor Law Changes in 2020

The Brazilian Labor Code has undergone more than hundred changes since it was first enacted in 1943. The most recent changes strive to simplify labor procedures and protect the employees, especially amid the coronavirus crisis. The article covers the most important aspects of Brazil’s Employment Law in 2020.

Employee Benefits in Italy

Italy offers a wide variety of benefits to employees across the country. From vacation and holiday leave to maternity and overtime benefits, learn about employee benefits in Italy for 2020.

France Changes to Employment Laws

Effective as of January 1, 2020, the French Government introduced some changes to its employment laws. They also declared a State of Health Emergency and released a labor law update effective from March 27, 2020. Learn more about 2020 France Labor Code changes.

India Minimum Wage Rates Vary by State

Cheap labor is equivalent to minimum wage, and that is exactly the condition across the many different states in India. Being such a massive country, India has over 1200 different minimum wage rates with variances across states, skill level and the different industrial sectors. Here is a look at the wage rates in some of […]

UAE Employment Law Changes in 2020

The COVID19 outbreak has rattled the global economy and forced many countries to make amends to its labor law as a response. The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization also introduced three ministerial decisions in 2020. The decisions 279, 280, and 281 all introduce 2020 UAE labor law changes meant to bring stability for employers and […]

Key Issues for UK Employees in 2020

As the global community is striving to stop the spread of coronavirus and save lives that are at risk, they are forced to make tough decisions. The world today is running on survival mode amid lockdown, which has put many employees at risk of losing their jobs. In this article, we highlight key issues for UK […]

Dutch Labor Code Reforms in 2020

The Netherlands government recently introduced various reforms to its employment law. The changes in the 2020 Dutch Labor Code, effective from January 1st, 2020, aim to bring balance into their labor market by reducing pay gaps and differences in legal protection for fixed and short term employees.