Brazil Labor Reforms

Back in 2017, Brazil enforced a number of new labor laws, and now after a few years of trial and error through implementation, there are some reforms scheduled to take place during 2020. For the past 3.5 years, this country has been working towards the assent of many reforms, while slowly building momentum and gaining […]

Remote Workers – The Role of the Future

Remote working has become increasingly popular over the past decade as more and more companies increase their abilities to work virtually and across a shared network. With the current outbreak of coronavirus, we are forced to look at how the future of remote working may become more of a necessity than previously considered. What was […]

Labor Laws in China Following COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, a number of new employment rules, and proposed legislations, have been enacted in an attempt to stabilize China’s economy. The nation has recognized the need to facilitate business practices that will support a balance between protecting employees while also maintaining profitability. In some dire cases, organizations are […]

Employer Legal Obligations During Coronavirus

What are your legal obligations as an employer in the face of coronavirus? It is without a doubt that the rapid spread of the disease and accompanying media coverage that has surrounded Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed how businesses are operating worldwide. More people are using remote working opportunities, companies are being advised to limit the […]

Multinational Companies and Non-Essential Travel Amidst Coronavirus

Dozens of massive companies have now halted all non-essential global travel in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Companies such as JP Morgan, Nestlé, Ericsson, LG, Google, Walmart, and many others have completely restricted all nonessential employee travel as part of their mission to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees against the […]

Malaysia Industrial Relations Bill Changes

Modifications to Malaysia’s Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill 2019 are in the final process of awaiting royal assent within the country after the initial amendments were passed in October and December of 2019. The proposed changes to the Industrial Relations Act 1967 provide necessary updates to the dispute resolution process for union disputes and claims of […]

Is it Acceptable to Video Employees without their knowledge?

The European Court of Human Rights inadvertently sought out controversy in the last few months when they approved the use of a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system within a Spanish supermarket. The use of CCTV in many businesses across Europe is not a controversial topic per se – however, the implementation and installation of such a […]

Ireland State Pension Reforms

Reforms to Ireland State Pension Pushed Back to 2021 Throughout 2020, the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection of Ireland has stated that the highly anticipated reform to Ireland’s State Pension has been pushed back to not begin until 2021. There have been many roadblocks and hurdles that have slowed down this process from […]