Increased Labor Laws Necessary in Cambodia

The labor laws created in 2016 to protect workers in trade unions in Cambodia have recently been amended. The changes are putting factory workers at higher risk – especially within the garment industry. There are over 800,000 workers in Cambodia who are working in the global fashion industry and based on the amended trade sanctions […]

Gender Pay Gap in the Ukraine

As much as many countries around the world have been working towards elimination of gender pay discrimination, there are still a number of countries lagging further behind than others. In Ukraine in the past year, data has been compiled and has shown that the country has a serious gender pay gap where women are paid […]

Minimum Wage and Trade Unions in Vietnam

The New Year is shaping up for some big changes in Vietnam. Minimum wages are set to increase by approximately 5.7% as of January 1st, 2020. Depending on the industry and geographical region, some minimum wage rates may increase from the current rate of $6 USD to $10 USD.  There have also been some new […]

Pakistan Labor Laws

Working in Pakistan has become a struggle for many people within the nation. The current economic condition of the country has increased uncertainty about worker rights. The Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) has been created in order to speak for all employees within the country, regardless of their employment role. Last month, the PWF demanded that […]