Business Tax in Ecuador

Ecuador is currently in a state of tax reform and many different areas of tax policy are being adjusted. This is undoubtedly creating some strain on a number of different companies and industries within the country. From an accounting perspective, this tax reform strives to make the overall corporate tax system much simpler and will […]

5 Strategies for Successful International Hiring

Organizations have seen many changes in the last few decades, but none have been as transformative and radical as what we now call Globalization. Today, more and more companies are opening up offices/factories in countries in addition to their own, in order to reap the benefits of a globally distributed workforce. With global expansion comes […]

Hiring and Terminating Employees in Poland

Poland is a country located in central Europe with just over 38 million citizens. As of 2017, just over 18 million of these citizens were considered part of the Polish labor force – accounting for nearly half of the overall population. With approximately 2.6 million businesses registered in the country, it is important to understand […]

Labor Bans in the UAE

While considered taboo in a number of regions and countries around the world, labor bans are alive and well in the United Arab Emirates, where there are two types of visa related bans (labor bans and immigration bans). As a country where the majority of workers are actually expatriates, this can result in some major […]

Payroll Practices in Colombia

An increasing number of companies are continuing to see Latin America as an attractive location to host foreign production and investments. As all global companies know, there are both pros and cons to creating business operations in multiple countries and staying compliant with different labor legislations can be a tricky standard to uphold. Colombia is […]