Employment Contract Changes in Italy

Until 2018, Italy preferred using fixed-term employment agreements when hiring employees within organizations. While certain situations are preferable for the use of a fixed-term contract (such as when an employee will be hired to cover another employee’s leave of absence), having a majority of all employment agreements in Italy as fixed-term made employment, in general, […]

Working Remotely in Costa Rica

New legislation in Costa Rica has created an opportunity for employees to work remotely from their homes instead of traveling into their offices each day. This legislation has been created as a method to create more jobs, and more job opportunities, for those that live in progressively rural areas throughout the country. In this regard, […]

Firing Without Severance in Turkey

In recent news, precedence has been set that employees may be fired without severance pay from their jobs in Turkey if they are gossiping at work. In the case that set the precedence for this ruling an employee was fired without severance pay after being employed at their organization for approximately 18 months. The employee […]

The Creation of Minimum Wage in Finland

Finland is finally discussing the creation of minimum wage regulations since sector specific minimum pay regulations have not existed in the country, which creates both more opportunities and risk for employees in the country. Since the 1970s, Finland has utilized collective bargaining practices in order to negotiate wage agreements. This has been the case both […]