Gender Equality in the Swiss Workplace

Another historical moment was created in Switzerland this year as thousands of women started a strike to bring many different organizational issues into the foreground of public conversation. Discrimination, gender wage gaps and underrepresentation of women in the work force are three major issues in the Swiss workplace and many employees are fighting for solutions. […]

Young People Hit Hardest by Working Conditions in the Netherlands

While the spring started out positively for those working in the Netherlands, the summer season hasn’t seen the same level of positive returns over the past few weeks. Even though from May to July of this year, there was a substantial increase in the number of working-age people (9 million of ages 15 to 74), […]

Truck Drivers, Trade Unions and the Impending Strikes in Portugal

After weeks and months of negotiations, Portugal is preparing for disruption as transport trucks are scheduled to begin their strike on August 12. The full magnitude of the strike has not been defined, but the nation is preparing all industries for material shortages and shipment delays. Truck drivers are some of Portugal’s most underpaid and […]