Recent Amendments to Mexican Labor Laws and Their Impact

New Mexican President, Lopez Obrador, is not wasting any time when it comes to making changes in office.  Back in 2017, the Diario Oficial de la Federación (DOF) positioned for some changes to be made in the Mexican Federal Constitution. The changes were proposed as an attempt to transform the current labor justice system in […]

Australia’s Impending Labor Crisis

Many countries are known for having a certain type of labor market that accounts for more of the overall employment share than others. In Australia, this market is that of casual workers.

South Korea Factory Proposal and Impact on Unionized Employees

For the past 5 months, South Korea’s factory markets have been struggling and have been trending into a downward spiral. In April 2019, these factories have been able to increase their productivity, and have displayed better results in comparison to the previous 6 months of operations. The increase in factory operations was signified by an […]

American Payroll Association

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Impact of NAFTA’s overhaul on North American workforce

Recently, one of the biggest changes we have seen in US – Mexico economic relations is the overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This has not just changed business operations in the United States, but has also impacted the employment opportunities for workers in Mexico. Furthermore, with a more labor-friendly Mexican President […]