Outlook of Employment in Norway

Possible impacts on Norway’s economy with unemployment rates at 4% Based on continued dropping unemployment rates, it appears that immigration and work opportunities in Norway may be a possibility for foreign workers.

Mental Health in the Workplace in 2019

With over 2.77 billion social media users as of 2019, the workplace looks very different in comparison to the one from 10 or more years ago. According to Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, 40% of adults looked at their phones within five minutes of waking up — with nearly 66% of those under 35 saying […]

New Humentum Association Partnership

Global People Strategist is excited to announce our new partnership with Humentum, a leading global membership association, to provide our global HR compliance technology and solutions for Humentum’s 300+ non-profit sector members.

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion Training Plans

It’s 2019 and diversity and inclusion seem to be hot topics on everyone’s mind. With a variety of different organizations advocating in the workforce, a large majority of operating organizations in North America are now offering specific diversity and inclusion training seminars. Does this training really make an organization’s workforce more inclusive? Does it change […]

A New Outlook for the Japanese Foreign Labor Market

Starting in April 2019, Japan will release a new foreign worker visa permit, which is certain to change how business has been conducted in the country up until this point. The proposed visa structure has been revised to accommodate and cope with the nation’s impending severe labor shortages.