Top 2019 Employment Topics in United Kingdom

As Brexit continues to loom over 2019 with its threat of uncertainty, there are several changes to British laws that are expected to come down the road and affect workplaces in that country:

Quebec: Changes to Labor Standards for Employees

Intended to take effect in January 2019, Québec’s National Assembly recently enacted Bill 176, entitled An Act to amend the Act respecting labor standards and other legislative provisions

Mexico: Employment Reforms Proposed

Although it has only just begun, President Andrés Manuel López’s regime is already being referred to as a new era for politics in Mexico. Together with his current administration, López has come up with the 2018-2024 Nation Project designed to address issues related to economic, educational, and social matters.

Hong Kong: Is Compliance Enough to Protect Your Data

The recent leaking of a massive number of customers’ personal data by international airlines, along with other alarming leaks on social media platforms, have once again put the issue of data protection into the spotlight.