Upcoming Changes in Poland’s Labor and Employment Law

The Polish legislature is currently working on a couple of labor and employment laws that will take effect in 2019 and possibly ring in a new era of HR in Poland.  The monitoring of employees, changes in minimum wage and the protection of company business secrets are some of what is set to alter in […]

Spain: Labor Rights Overhaul Announced by Prime Minister

The Man behind the New Regime The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, became the designated prime minister of Spain after battling his predecessor, Mariano Rajoy, on the counts of a corruption scandal. This change in leaders paves the way for a new era in labor right for Spain, EU’s fourth largest country.

Russia: New Registration Rules for Foreign Workers

Modifications to the Address Registration of Foreign Workers On June 27th, 2018, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin passed amendments to Russia’s migration law. More specifically, he reformed the requirements and procedures of registering foreign workers through the Federal Migration Service (FMS).

Brazil: Labor Reforms, Shift in Employee-Employer Relationships

2017 Brazil Labor Reforms The labor reforms proposed by the Brazilian federal government was sanctioned by President Michel Temer back in July 2017. The changes were put into effect in November last year, providing a new outlook on employee/employer relations.